Blocked Drains

Drainage is vital to your property and it’s important to ensure your drainage system is working optimally to avoid blocked drains becoming a problem. We have the right tools and expertise for preventive maintenance of drains as well efficient resolution of any acute problems such as blocked drains. High pressure jetting removes the build-up of grease, fat and silt which enables the drains to flow more freely. We have yearly maintenance programmes available for surface and foul drainage systems. The drains are thoroughly cleaned with a high-pressure water jet which breaks down any build-up of sediment and other deposits ensuring the longevity of your drainage system as well as reducing the likelihood of a blocked drain becoming a problem in the future. 

When drains are not regularly maintained there is a greater risk of a blockage occurring somewhere in the drain system. This can occur anywhere within the system and whilst it may be easy to resolve a blockage close to the toilet using conventional methods, a drain jet can extend much further down the system, negotiating bends and exerting a high-pressure water jet which works to clear the most stubborn of blockages. Drain jetting is compatible with almost all kinds of drain system and type of blockage. It can remove blocked waste, fat, scale and grease. In fact, it is so powerful that it can cut through tree roots. The drain jetting equipment together with on-board water tanks are carried on all our vans, which means it is quick and easy to get going.

Most of us have seen the documentaries about the London sewers and the notorious 'fat bergs' that cause so many issues for the capital's sewer and drainage systems. It is important to recognise that private and commercial properties can have similar problems with build-ups of grease, fat and other non-biological items such as baby wipes. The impact of high-pressure water on a blockage helps to soften and emulsify it which restores flow aided by the water used in the jetting process.

After the drain is cleared, we will carry out function tests on the drain to ensure the problem is remedied and to reduce risk of future recurrence. In the event there are more significant issues such as structural defects, we can investigate further through the use of CCTV equipment to decide on the most effective long-term solution.