Drain Repairs

After many years of constant use, drainage pipes will deteriorate and become more prone to damage. This can result in leaks and in some severe cases collapse. Thankfully this doesn't necessarily mean replacement of your entire system, as we can often complete drain repairs.

Our 'No dig' technology is a proven method of placing a new pipe within the existing damaged pipe without the need for excavation which means minimal disruption to your property. The new pipe is comprised of high-quality impermeable silicate resin which cures in place and is much harder wearing and stronger than the existing pipe. The lining is moulded into the existing pipe by the process of inversion which results in a rigid, strong pipe that is tightly fitted within the existing drain pipe so results in minimal loss of pipe diameter ensuring uncompromised flow. The thickness of lining can be varied depending the use and specification of the pipe. 

Our pipe lining service is especially important for properties installed with pitch fibre drains which were commonly installed between 1960-1980 until they were ultimately banned due to premature deterioration and prone to collapse. Even pitch fibre drains can be restored using the same technology ensuring the life of your drain for many years to come. The same application can be used for specific areas of damage to make patch repairs. This localised repair offers a cost-effective solution to fix individual defects within a drain or sewer. In order to establish what method of repair is most suitable and to ensure the most cost friendly remedy, our team will carry out an initial CCTV drain inspection and survey. Once we have pinpointed the exact problem, we will be able to offer the best method of repair. In most instances the repairs can be carried out without the need to excavate, using the drain lining and patching methods already mentioned. 

Excavation is the last resort when it comes to a drain repair but sometimes it's unavoidable for example when a drain has collapsed it's often the best and most cost-effective solution. Before carrying out this work, we use the CCTV equipment to locate the problem within the pipe. This gives us good insight of the fault, type of repair required as well as the exact location and depth of the pipe which ensures we are working in the correct place before excavation begins. Once the problem has been fixed, our highly skilled engineers complete all reinstatement work to ensure the surface is put back to the way it was, regardless of material or finish (i.e. slabs. block paving, tamac etc).

All our drain repair techniques are approved by local Water Authorities and the Water Research Centre and carried out by qualified and experienced engineers so you can rest assured we are the best people to contact for your drain repair needs.